The Films

Rain in a Dry Land

CID is collaborating with its partners in the Alliance for Independent Motion Media (AIMM) to create a comprehensive filmography which is maintained by all of our filmmakers. To see the films produced in association with CID, just click below and you will be taken to the filmmography section of the AIMM website. Just set the search engine for films by CID for a complete list- or, if you know the title of the film, just enter the title.



6 responses to “The Films

  1. Hello,

    Since 10 years a documentary film festival presenting the rural world, is organised in France. You can connect you for more information.

    Thank You.

  2. I want to get my fiancee in the business đŸ˜‰ She’s currently a television reporter for the 6 o’clock news in my city. I find this website to be a great resource.

  3. or

    I would like to help with the movie Bluesified.

  4. Me and my buissiness partner are looking for work in Mass, we both have our BS in film and our experince has been on student films and independent documentaries. We’re skilled in Final Cut and Photoshop, Photography and have worked as Production assistants . Still looking to learn so willing to work for experiance in any field in the film industry or television.

  5. Dear Center for Independent Documentary,

    I am preparing a proposal I want to send to Fred Simon. The documentary I want to produce is for entertainment only, a musical, comedic documentary about a bar I would like to use as an open mic cafe or theater for the cast and crew. As far as I know, the required budget would be under $ 5,000. Can you tell me if Fred would be interested in looking at such a proposal.

    Thank you,
    Joseph G. Phillips

  6. i would like to find others in Indianapolis that are interested in working on documentaries,i have very good stories that i need help producing

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