CID Filmmakers

The following is a parital list of filmmakers who have worked with CID on their projects:

Susan Abod

Ben Achtenberg

Jocelyn Ajami

Mike Axinn & FoodBackwards

Annie Berman

Rick Beyer

Brian Bolster

Alice Bouvrie

Deann Borshay

Richard Broadman

William Campbell

Carol Cassidy

Mridu Chandra

Laurel Chiten

Anita Clearfield

Susan Hajjar Dagher

Morgan Faust

Henry Ferrini & his new documentary POLIS IS THIS

Marc Fields

Eileen Finkelstein

Stefan Forbes

Abby Freedman

Peter Frumkin

Cheryl Furjanic

Louis Galdieri

Tim Gallagher

Katie Galloway

Daniel Gaucher

Steve Gentile

Jenifer Gilbert

Jane Gillooly

Alan Glenn

Daniel B. Gold

Myles Gordon

Laurel Greenberg

Ann Carol Grossman

Rinat Harel

Beth Harrington

Courtney Hayes

Judith Helfand

Henri Herre

Josiah Hooper

Shoshana Hoose

Timothy Hotchner

Allie Humenuk

Dan Hunt

Marcia Jarmel

Richard Kahn

Nancy Kates

Joel Katz

Joan Kaufman

Nancy Kelly

Brian Kimmel

Po Kutchins

Geoffrey Leighton

Andrea Leland

Fabian Lijtmaer

Catherine Linton

Leah Mahan

Anne Makepeace

Julie Mallozzi

Cindy Rivka Marshall

Cindy McKeown

Sienna McLean LoGreco

Lisa Monrose

Spencer Nakasako

Cathleen O’Connell

Chris O’Donnell

Lisa Olivieri

Marty Ostrow

Melissa Paley

Claire Panke

Lisa Perkins

Melanie Perkins

David Petersen

Marlo Poras

Lourdes Portillo

Kathryn Ramey

Arnie Reisman

Terry Rockefeller

Ken Ross

Sapana Sakya

Aimee Sands

John Scagliotti

Ken Schneider

Heddi Vaughan Siebel

Fred Simon

Bennett Singer

Marjorie Short

Jonathan Skurnik

Lucia Small

Llew Smith

Eric Stange

Zack Stratis

John Stanton

Martha Swetzoff

Sara Theriault

Andrea Torrice

Claire Andrade-Watkins

Matt Wolf

Susan Woll

Jim Wolpaw

Tim Wright

Kenji Yamamoto


3 responses to “CID Filmmakers

  1. I have an idea for a documentary based on or research and experience. We have a great comprehensive solution for America’s economic challenges. It could be filmed in a doc showing the closing of factories and loss of millions of jobs in US, while China buys trillions of $ of US assets including farms, shopping centers, media, US infrastructure etc. It could show labels on every kind of product for sale in the US that is made in China. It could show how millionaires are being developed in China every day while their policies keep the production people – the ones who actually produce the goods – in the low socio economic poverty range in China. It would have massive appeal as it would touch every American that lives in the US. You can see more on our website.

  2. I live in UK and an idea for a documentary based on or research and experience in South Africa concerning education. Can you help?

  3. Hello all,

    We are looking to support independent documentary filmmakers.

    The aim is to featured new and exciting documentaries from indie filmmakers on our website.

    So if you have a band new documentary, or you know someone who does, and they want their documentary to be seen…

    please contact me.

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