About CID

The Center for Independent Documentary was founded in 1981 to collaborate with independent producers to create films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern. These programs have been broadcast nationally and locally on public and cable television, won numerous awards, and all are in distribution nationwide to educational markets. At a Massaachusetts state house ceremony, the Center was awarded the Commonwealth Award as Outstanding Cultural Organization in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for ”excellence, dedication, and vision in giving voice to independent New England documentary filmmakers and for broadening the audience for this medium.”

Our mission is defined in four ways:

1. To focus the organization’s resources around the production and distribution of high-quality documentaries about contemporary social concerns. The documentaries are on issues and from perspectives that are not usually addressed in mainstream media.

2. To bring to audiences important new perspectives on contemporary issues. Documentaries have the power to inform, provoke and enlighten. We believe that informed, provoked and enlightened viewers develop the awareness to evaluate and change social policy.

3. To collaborate with and support producers from the fertile and creative pool of independent media artists, whose social, cultural, and racial perspectives are often an unheard minority voice in American culture.

4. To promote understanding and appreciation of the alternative and wide-ranging values and points of view embodied in the work of independent media artists.

Collaborations With Independent Producers
To our knowledge, the extent of our cooperative arrangement with independent film and video producers is unique. Once we become involved in a project, we become totally committed to its successful completion and distribution. While we are neither a production house, funder or a distributor, we work with producers at all phases of the project- we act as fiscal sponsor, manage project funds, and offer creative , technical and fundraising support.

Our over 150 films have been seen on HBO, PBS, at the Sundance Festival, and have earned numerous awards from Emmy’s to Peabody’s.

Our collaborations are open to all US filmmakers, regardless of experience.

CID holds a monthly workshop (filmmakers workshop) and screening series that offers Boston area independent media artists a non-competitive, supportive community to strengthen their work. The workshops enhance the quality of projects produced from the pitch to the completed work by offering filmmakers informal professional development opportunities, constructive feedback, and a chance to network with their peers . Can’t make the workshops? Join our filmmakers workshop online network and be part of the community!

CID is a founding member of both the Alliance for Independent Motion Media and the Massachusetts Production Coaltion.

Contact Us:

Susi Walsh, Executive Director : Susi@documentaries.org

Fred Simon, Executive Producer: FSimon@documentaries.org

Center for Independent Documentary

680 South Main Street

Sharon, MA 02067

phone: 781-784-3627




21 responses to “About CID

  1. Dear Center for Independent Documentary:

    Hello and happy New Year! Knowing that securing music for a filmmaker on a budget can be difficult, I would like to offer free use (no licensing fee) of my songs & instrumentals for one year to any filmmaker associated with documentaries.org.  As an independent recording artist, it helps me get my music out there, and would assist a filmmaker as well.  Sometimes in indie films I hear music that isn’t a good fit or is midi file based (because it was free) and I made a note to see about offering my music in 2007 to up and coming filmmakers. I have both songs with vocals (great for end/opening credits and instrumentals that can be heard on my website, Amazon.com & CDBaby.com. 

    Here’s a little of my background: I’m an independent recording artist with 5 CDs that are in the Celtic/world pop vein somewhat similar to Loreena McKennitt/Enya/Sarah McLachlan.  It could be considered ethereal cinematic to alternative female vocal music. My local PBS station (Nashville, TN) uses my music for many of their station ID promos, where my music is coupled with images from NOVA, Wild Kingdom and Masterpiece Theater and has won several awards for PBS and elsewhere, and the music has been used in several short films and one feature-length film.  The music would be a great fit for those in your group with historic, nature, biography or travel-oriented subject matter, or for opening/end credits. I can help guide someone to check out a few songs if they let me know what they are looking for.
    Please let me know if this is of interest, or if you prefer I can send you a CD to preview.  Thank you for your consideration.  My website is listed in the signature below. All of the tracks including lyrics are available to preview (Realplayer audio). Just click on MUSIC and then click on a CD and then a song.
    Best regards,
    Laura Powers
    Red Harp Records
    ADDY GOLD “Best Ad Campaign” 2002 six-state region
    Emmy nominated “Best Ad Campaign”
    (for music in Public Television ad campaign “Television Worth Watching”)
    ADDY GOLD “Best Ad Campaign” 2006

  2. Footage at reasonable prices!

    Neil Lundy
    (416)699 FILM (3456)
    e-mail nlundy@adventurefilmproductionscanada.Com

    The AFP archive contains footage going back to the beginning of the 1900’s. We’ve got everything from wars to a marijuana festival in Amsterdam to a total eclipse of the sun shot in Dachau. Historical shots … yep we’ve got ’em …. weird and wacky …. yep! Do we have every shot you’ll need … probably not … but give us a shot.
    Check our web site … this list is just the tip of the iceberg (and we have shots of icebergs too). By the way .. our services also include script writing.



    http://www.NomadsLand.com – a new Internet platform for social issue filmmakers – launches its Alpha site, prepares for growth

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 17, 2007 – NomadsLand.com – an internet video platform for social issue filmmakers – has launched its Alpha website in its mission to offer alternative distribution for cinema with a social message.
    Like YouTube and Google Video, anyone – from professional filmmakers to video enthusiasts – can upload their films to http://www.NomadsLand.com. The company will host feature films, documentaries, music videos and satire for free – as long as the film seeks to make a social commentary, stimulate political conversation or encourage some social action.
    “NomadsLand is many things to many people,” says founder and CEO Davin Hutchins. “Its an entertaining information site, an informative entertainment site, a window to the world, but above all, a forum for social ideas and ultimately a grass-roots campaign for change.”
    Although much of the video can be viewed for free, http://www.NomadsLand.com will offer secure downloads and rentals on premium films featured on the site, sharing 50 percent of its revenues with each director.
    Among the initial films being distributed on http://www.NomadsLand.com are Dhruv Dhawan’s From Dust and Davin Hutchins’ The Art of Flight. From Dust, a touching documentary which examines the socio-political aftermath of the Asian tsunami, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, HotDocs, OneWorld Human Rights Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival and the Kara Film Festival.
    The Art of Flight is a guerrilla documentary tracing the trail of Sudanese refugees from Darfur to Egypt and their tales of survival. The film premiered at AFI Fest Hollywood, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and the Bangkok International Film Festival. Other films explore topics such as homelessness in San Francisco, belly dancing in Egypt and the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.
    “Most independent films are grossly under-distributed,” says Hutchins. “One of the main goals of NomadsLand is to assist filmmakers who were short changed after their festival run. Through viral e-mail, search engines and RSS, they can reach a vastly larger audience. Likewise, film aficionados can see quality films they’d never see otherwise without sifting through a cloud of amateur video. We think films can make a lasting impact of they ‘permanently premiere’ for people who care deeply about these issues.”
    “Not everyone is a born storyteller. But everyone has a story. We want to provide the resources and royalties to develop an ever-growing army of raconteurs which can help return mass media back to the masses,” he says.

    # # #
    MEDIA CONTACT: NomadsLand Press Relations, press [at] nomadsland.com, (202)

  4. P. G. Tawengwa

    I was wondering if CID is interested in collaborating with Independent filmmakers in Africa. I am an independent filmmaker based in Zimbabwe and I could use some guidance and mentorship from more experienced filmmakers. Thanks.

  5. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am an independent documentary film producer who has worked the past few years on a film about the life of former political prisoner, Silvia Baraldini. The film is currently seeking finishing funds to cover stock footage and music rights and is seeking distribution. I recently read in my local arts newsletter that your organization accepts proposals on an ongoing basis for documentary film projects. Can you tell me anything more about whether or not your organization is accepting proposals at this time, the amount one can request from your organization and what you typical tend to support. Thank you for your time and attention with my request.

  6. I am film producer currently seeking post-production funding for our film “A Question of Justice.” It is the story of David Kaczynski, Gary Wright, Bud Welch, and Bill Babbitt. To read about their stories and learn about the film, visit our web site at http://www.qofj.com

    Presently, I am looking for information about film tax credits. If you have experience with this tax law, pleas contact me at the above email address.

    Thank you for your advise

  7. Jennifer Kasfeldt

    Hi there-
    There is so much controversy about treatments for autism on the net. I see dietary intervention and homeopathic methods being debunked repeatedly. Is there a way I could interest an independent filmmaker to engage in this topic? My daughter would be an excellent documentary subject, who changes into a different child (as seen by myself and school) at one small infraction. I have seen the other side in the media, such as the recent ABC dateline featuring Dr. James Laidler, who believes intervention for treatment gives “false hope”. I dream of having the world see “hope in action”.

  8. 🙂

    I had educated in movie direct ring in Iran 10 years ago.
    I have TO INFORM YOU THAT 152 DOLPHIN dead in djask port (Persian gulf) beach in Iran 7-8 months ago. two times in during 33 days: first time 79 dolphins & second 73 dolphin by cause of industrial fishiness & sonar of military ship activities.
    I have 25 min film from dead dolphin’s dramatic movie.
    I don’t have any possibilities for continue & finish my film. I NEED JUST A CINEMATOGRAPHY HD CAMERA & a little raw empty film.
    if anybody want to help us we can accept as PRODUCER & give him RIGHTS.
    hope to find a group-company or person that help me finalize this movie & otherwise help to reduce happening again this kind of disease.
    very truly yours-A.R.FARAJI

  10. I am looking for an independant film producer to produice a documentary on the political situation that stops aAmerican business owners and manufacturers to compete with Canadaian or Mexican manufacturers because of Governement control.The American worker has been robbed of all the open door kindness they have allowed to other countries.Please call me cell 416 562 5768,hm 905 738 2472, vocie mail 416 395 6252, e mail anthonylio@rogers.com.

  11. I came across this website as I was looking for summer workshops for aspiring documentary filmmakers. I am a historian and have just finished shooting my first documentary film about a group of refugees in Europe. I am currently working with the material in fcp. I want to expand on this new interest of mine, and I thought of attending a one or two-week workshop during the summer, if such a thing exists. I am most interested in improving my ability as a director: what to shoot, when to shoot, conducting interviews, etc. I would like to know, if anyone has any suggestions. I wasn’t sure where to send this message, so I hope this is the correct place. Thanks, John Swanson. jswanson@utica.edu

  12. i want to become a voluteer Cid in Dubai,How?

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  14. To all those independent documentary makers out there who are looking to make their mark on the world, keep going. I understand that it is difficult to bring your message to the world, but if you persevere, you can make a difference. If you doubt yourself, take a look at some of the fantastic documentaries on Documentary Paradise if you need inspiration.

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  16. Ellwood Bartlett

    Check out what Whoopi is doing.

  17. I really Think that posting, “About CID | The Center for Independent Documentary” was spot on!
    I personallycan’t agree along with you even more! Finally seems like I actuallystumbled upon a internet site very well worth reading. Thanks for your time, Adam

  18. Good luck to every aspiring documentary filmmaker out there!

  19. If documentary filmmakers want some extra exposure, head on over to DocumentaryAddict.com and enter your doco into the feedback area so it gets uploaded.

  20. I am 16 year old boy. My main aim is to become an actor & mainly i want to join cid i.e. Shown in Sony entertainment television.

  21. The FBI framed a suspect in the 80’s and used a photographic morph generated from the suspects photo to do it. If you don’t believe it see for yourself. Its printed in a thousand different hard copy magazines like Newsweek ! See it at http://www.unabombers.com/SketchMid.htm

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