“RENEWAL” is now available on DVD

Renewal logo“The religious-environmental movement is potentially key to dealing with the greatest problem humans have ever faced, and it has never been captured with more breadth and force than in RENEWAL. I hope this movie is screened in church basements and synagogue halls across the country, and that it moves many more people of faith off the fence and into action.”
– Bill McKibben,
Environmentalist & author of
The End of Nature

RENEWAL is the first feature-length documentary to capture the vitality and diversity of America’s religious-environmental movement. Made up of eight individual stories, RENEWAL captures the efforts of men, women and children who from within their Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim traditions, are finding ways to become caretakers of the Earth.

Here’s how to order the DVD:

If you are a home user, congregation, community action group, religious or environmental organization, you can purchase single DVDs or Multi-Packs which offer substantial savings!

Place your order at: http://www.renewalproject.net/dvd.

If you are an educational institution or library:

Place your order at: http://www.renewalproject.net/dvd/groups.

RENEWAL shows a multi-faith commitment to the planet that speaks to faith-based and secular environmental groups. Building upon the message of the film, the RENEWAL Project is uniting people whose passion and moral commitment are making a difference in this time of grave ecological threats. To learn more, visit: www.renewalproject.net.

To connect with the people and organizations that are already using RENEWAL, log into our social networking site at: www.renewalproject.ning.com.


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