Vermont’s glbt liberation Short Films Fest
Part of Vermont Pride: June 14, 2008
Sponsored by The Kopkind Colony

“{CineSlam]reaches back to the radical roots of liberation, to the joyously skewed visions of sex, love, culture and camp that lie outside the conventions of the straight world,”– Andrew Kopkind, 1993 (A Queer Nation)

CineSlam takes place in springtime in Vermont, (think green) — a one day ‘videovapalooza’-of-a-festival —  screening rousing shorts in a old barn on a farm in Guilford, Vermont

Saturday June 14th
A full day of screening sessions
with a number of filmmakers in attendance.
Money Prizes for filmmakers (Best Short and more see our website)   and click Filmmakers Submissions page

Filmmakers can also apply to be part of the Kopkind Colony’s
“Retreat for Filmmakers at Tree Frog Farm”
Seminars on glbt shorts and new shorts distribution
June 11-15th
See website : <>   and click filmmakers retreat page

Underwritten by a grant from the Chessie Foundation
Programmed by John Scagliotti, creator of the first glbt TV series on PBS, In the Life.  Producer of Before Stonewall and After Stonewall,
Programmer of the VT Bear Film Festival every August
Administrator, Kopkind Colony
Email: <>



  1. I have been checking your website, with great interest. I am an artist and have been seriously thinking about doing a documentary about a project I have been working on. Looking through your site is giving me hope that I can accomplish my goal and that there is a place where I can turn for assistance and collaboration.

  2. sir
    here is our information as per your compani rules.

    kajal ahmed
    director, exe multimedia production

  3. absulately we have no track no so that we can assure the documentation for innitial data

  4. I’m a filmmaker I want your company to look at a ruff cut version of the trailer I have posted on youtube profile rc90062 titled Banging Peace Trailer and filmmaker interview (Banging Peace). Some of the personalities people find interesting that are in the documentary are featured in Banging or Not 2008. This film needs a executive producer I am the creator of the entire project. I would like to invite your company help me tell this story. This is a story of former gangsters for LA now trying to end the killing of the youth in regards to the crips and bloods

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