Dangerous Living

One of the strangely positive results from Iran President Ahmadinejad’s callous response at Columbia University to a question on homosexuality was that it forced the international mainstream media to actually report on the plight of glbt people living under the terror of religious fundamentalism in the developing world.

Though the press story of abuse to homosexuals was quickly over, there is still information available to you and others about glbt struggles in the developing world.

Dangerous Living continues to be one of the few documentary films to deeply explore the lives of gay and lesbian people in non-western cultures. Please visit our website www.gogaydvd.com , click the pink triangle (view our free video streams) and watch our recent stream (“Are there homosexuals in the Middle East?).

Dangerous Living, endorsed by Human Rights Watch as a film that sheds light on human rights abuses, was recently acquired by the Columbia University Law School, just a few months before Mahmoud Ahmadinegad’s appearance on that campus.

Also please send your friends, especially educators, librarians or teachers you might know to www.gogaydvd.com . They can rent or buy Dangerous Living there among other titles.

Thank you for your support in the struggle to end abuse of glbt people around the world,

John Scagliotti
Director, Dangerous Living


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