Potential Important Changes to the MA Tax Incentives

Last night, WBZ news (click to see news report- you may have to choose the video from the thumbnails- it is a May 14 video on Movie Studios)) reported on developments on Beacon Hill this week to make changes to the film industry tax incentive legislation. The changes that are being sought would bring the required spending amount down to $50,000 (making this an important piece of legislation for all local indie filmmakers- not just large budget features), but would also significantly raise (or eliminate ) the cap at the top end(making Massachusetts a very desirable place to shoot large budget films).

The report also goes on to mention interest by an investor group in building a studio in Weymouth at the old naval base or in Plymouth….these appear to be still very early explorations from what I have been able to find out….

If you are not familiar with the tax incentive legislation, visit the new film office web site for more links –and while you are there, check out their new short trailer.


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