Massachusetts Film Industry welcomes newly appointed head of Film Office

Boston, MA (January 30th, 2007) – With Nicholas Paleologos named as the new executive director of the Massachusetts Film Office, the Massachusetts Production Coalition (MPC), representing the region’s top media professionals, is eager and excited about lending its support to the reconstituted office and its new head.

The MPC, the organization that took the lead in getting the State’s aggressive tax incentive package made into law, views Paleologos as an ideal leader for the Massachusetts Film Office and looks forward to together, supporting the region’s growing production community.

“Nick is perfect for the position in many ways,” says Joe Maiella, head of the MPC. “As an award-winning producer he has the strong production experience necessary to understand what resources Massachusetts needs to be able to provide. And as a successful former State legislator he knows how the State’s local politics and communities work and has the vision and personality to navigate them. Most importantly, like the MPC and its members, he’s passionate about seeing more film and television production take place in the State.”

Word of Paleologos’ hiring has spread quickly through the MPC’s ranks with many members lauding his significant track record in local politics and the entertainment industry. Chris O’Donnell, the MPC’s 1st Vice President commented on the possibilities that Paleologos presents to the State. “With Nick at the helm of the Film Office, coupled with the State’s tax incentives, Massachusetts is poised to experience significant growth in the film and television production sector. That can literally translate to millions in revenue for the state and hundreds if not thousands of jobs and economic opportunities for its citizens.”

In the coming weeks, the MPC has plans to formally welcome Nick Paleologos to the film and television production community it represents. The MPC is also anticipating working closely with the new Film Office to attract more film and television production to the Commonwealth. “We’ve worked closely with Richard Krezwick and the State’s Sports & Entertainment Commission in the past and will work closely with Nick Paleologos going forward, all in a concerted effort to attract more production and make Massachusetts a force in the film and television production industry,” says Maiella.


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