CID has had the privelege of working with over 200 filmmakers in the creation of their work. Each filmmaker has brought a unique vision, way of working and sense of purpose to their project. Begnning next week, we are going to be having our filmmakers contribute updates on their works in progress to this blog. We hope it sparks a dialougue about not only the content of the work itself, but how the work is being made–this includes the process of raising funding right through the completion and distribution of the work.

Plate of Peas

Kicking off this new feature of the CID blog is filmmaker Rick Beyer of Plate of Peas Productions. Rick is an award-winning documentary producer, a successful author, and a long-time student of history. His documentary credits include “The Wright Challenge“, a two hour Wright Brothers special that won a Parents Choice Award; “Secrets of Jamestown”, a look at the ongoing archeological dig at the Jamestown colony; “The Patent Files”, a series of programs on inventors and inventions; and “Timelab 2000”, an acclaimed collection of 200 history minutes hosted by Sam Waterston. All appeared on the History Channel. Mr. Beyer is also the author of The Greatest Stories Never Told, and The Greatest War Stories Never Told. He is currently working on a third book, The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told.

Rick is currently at work on his independently produced film The Ghost Army. Rick began fundraising and production for the Ghost Army in 2006. Filmmakers take note: Rick has been successfully employing house parties as part of his strategy and has also begun to submit grant applications to foundations. Please check out Ricks website and watch for his post early next week. If you don’t know much about using house parties, or have had them and would like to share ideas on how to do them better- please contribute to the discussion here.

For more information on fundraising check out:

Morrie Warshwski’s fundraisng bibliography

“Web-Wise Fundraising” – article by Paul G. Ventura on using the internet for raising funding

For filmmakers who are new to fundraising, you can find a good quick overview on Docs in Progress January 7 blog post: How to Find Funding for your Documentary


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