On Building a Filmmaking Community

There are great things stirring in the film and video community in Boston. A new sense of purpose and excitement–a sense of community and a willingness to take a chance that the community might indeed bring about change for the good of us all.

Change and growth are evident everywhere– whether you look at the employment figures for folks in the film and video industry (yes folks, they are going UP for a change), or you look at the skyline in Boston as you come in on the Pike from the West (yes, the new WGBH building is almost DONE!).

Three weeks ago the Massachusetts Production Coaltion (MPC) hosted an event to explain the new tax incentives here in Massachusetts. As an added bonus, the new acting head of the Massachusetts Sports and Entertainment Commission- Richard Krezwick, came and gave us all a brief update on the status of the new film commission.

The members of the Alliance for Independent Motion Media continue to offer a variety of programs designed to bring the community together as well as provide access to professional development opportunities for all of the independent filmmaking comunity. Check out the website and sign up for the mailing list …


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