Holiday quandary? …Could Be Worse!

Stumped on what to get that difficult person on your list? Having the holiday blues yourself? Here’s the answer to all your problems….put a smile on your and someone else’s face with the break out singing and dancing of Zack Stratis’ fanciful and fantastic family in the dvd release of “Could Be Worse”. This film was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival–and is GUARANTEED to put a smile on your face. Try it. You’ll like it. Here’s the trailer for a preview….

Buy it now for only $14.99 at the
Could Be Worse web site
and help launch Zack into his next
endeavor! Be a part of making “musical-reality” the next big thing in Hollywood…or maybe in your neighborhood!

Need something more serious for that community activist on your list? Consider another independent documentary…check out the films at the Alliance for Independent Motion Media web site…buy one on dvd…or, make a donation to help bring a film to completion (check the sidebar for information on how to make a contribution).

Filmmakers out there with docs to sell for the holidays–post a comment below with information about your film and how to buy it…


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