Boston Media Makers 12/2/06

At the November 15 Filmmakers Workshop, we had the pleasure of learning all about video blogging and putting your video up on the web from vlogging pioneers Steve Garfield and Ravi Jain. In case you missed that event, you can read about it at To follow up on that workshop–I’m learning blogging myself (see, you’re reading it! Its not that hard!) and decided to go to the next Boston Media Makers group meeting.

On Sunday, December 2nd, Boston Media Makers finished off their first year of meetings by celebrating with a Ravi Jain inspired “wiki-kake” at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain. It was my first time attending one of these meetings- and a lot of information to take in. I was glad there was cake.

There were a lot of toys out around the table–lots of computers and related gear and a lot of video was shot…none of it with a traditional video camera–all with digital still cameras yesterday. For those of you who are working with grassroots organizing communities with your documentaries–this is the medium for you! There is great opportunity to use video blogging as part of your outreach campaign strategies–and to consider forms of streaming video distribtuion on the web. It’s easy, engaging, and uses all the strenghts of the internet for viral marketing and community building.

At yesterdays meeting, Sean Fitzroy made a presentation on Brightcove. For those of you who are considering an internet release of your documentary, you will want to take a look at the business model that Brightcove offers (check out their website for more information). Also, if you are an independent who is doing such a release, it would be useful if you could share your expereinces with others.

Group member Joe Cascio put together a brief video from yesterdays meeting….

I hope it inspires you to come to the next meeting!


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